May 21, 2007

The Myth of Perfection (#9)

Insecurities stemming from the plague of perfectionism run rampant in modern society and homeschool parents tend to be hit particularly hard. They are trying to juggle so any things and life is a struggle, so when they hear something positive about another homeschool family, they can easily spin it into an idealistic image of perfection that is impossible to attain. The reality is that everyone struggles. Experienced homeschool families learn to accept that they can't "do it all." They know they can't control everything and willingly place their trust in God. They pray for patience and serenity and develop priorities and enough balance to bring a sense of peace.

Efficiency is a good thing in cars and for washing dishes and getting through a grocery shopping trip. There's no such thing as efficiently raising children. They require plenty of affection, patience and a lot of time.

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