April 23, 2007

Why Long Division? (#6)

"Why do I need to learn long division? I'll never use it. I can just use a calculator."

"Well, your calculator might run out of batteries."

"But I'd get a solar-powered calculator."

"What if it broke?"

"I'd buy a new one."

"What if it broke when you were stuck in the middle of the desert?"

"Why would I need to do long division if I was in the middle of a desert????"

Don't get stuck in this trap.

Studying long division is exercise for your brain: it helps to develop strength, endurance, coordination and flexibility. It's an exercise in complex thinking and develops problem-solving strategies. Understanding how it works is essential for later math studies. Learning long division develops real life skills that will apply to other studies and decisions. Don't let a calculator get in the way!

Further Information:

Ditch the Calculators by Diane Hunsaker

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