July 30, 2007

Age Quod Agis (#20)

Age Quod Agis is an old Latin proverb that means "Do What You Are Doing". I think this concept is both helpful and encouraging to homeschool moms who are trying to move 15 different ways at once - often at the expense of being effective at accomplishing what truly needs to be done.

Fr. Thomas Dubay explained this concept quite beautifully:

Little children live intensely in the present moment, neither in the past nor in the future. As the French writer La Bruyre once put it, 'Children have neither past nor future, but they have something we seldom have - they rejoice in the present.'

This is the child-like trait which the New Testament would have us imitate. Age quod agis - literally, 'do what you are doing' ... The future does not yet exist and the past is gone forever. What we have is the present moment. By it we are fashioning our eternity.

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