August 27, 2007

Cultivating a Love of the Good (#24)

Knowledge of the faith is an essential part of a child's education, but knowledge alone does not guarantee virtue or good behavior.

A love of "the good" can be cultivated in numerous ways, such as providing the grace of the sacraments and reading inspiring stories of saints and heroes.

In addition to these, we are powerful role models in our children's lives. We manifest God's love to our children when we provide them with a safe and loving home AND we are compelling models of Christian virtue when we strive to follow Christ in our own lives. This two-fold witness is a beautiful aspect of Christian education. Pope Benedict XVI said:

Especially when it is a matter of educating in faith, the figure of the witness and the role of witnessing is central. A witness of Christ does not merely transmit information but is personally involved with the truth Christ proposes and, through the coherency of his own life, becomes a dependable reference point.

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