September 24, 2007

Maturity and Protecting Innocence (#28)

Society has a tendency to frown upon the idea of "sheltering" our children from negative influences. And yet, most people, at least when pressed, would agree that some lines need to be drawn. After all, most would accept that watching a frightening movie, like Jurassic Park, would be detrimental to a two year old!

Maturity is one of the most important factors we need to consider in choosing books and movies for our children. The church distinguishes the first seven years of life as a time in which the child's innocence needs to be protected. After that, distinctions need to be made by parents based on the child's understanding and maturity and the influence a particular book or movie is likely to have on the child.

It is right that teens and adults will read and watch more mature things. Many great films and works of literature wrestle with important and complex concepts like the consequences of sin.

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