December 10, 2007

Education and the Faith (#34)

This powerful quote from Orestes Brownson is particularly poignant in recognizing the value of the whole of education in relation to our Faith. It also challenges us to not simply isolate ourselves from the world in fear, but allow for a reasonable amount of exposure in order to challenge and strengthen our children for the difficulties they will face some day.

"No amount of pious training or pious culture will protect the faithful, or preserve them from contamination of the age, if they are left inferior to non-Catholics in secular learning and intellectual development. The faithful must be guarded and protected by being trained and disciplined to grapple with the false systems of the age... They must be better armed than their opponents - surpass them in the strength and vigor of their minds, and in the extent and variety of their knowledge. They must, on all occasions, and against all adversaries, be ready to give a reason for the hope that is in them."

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