February 22, 2008

It's All in the Presentation (#42)

It’s amazing how different children are from each other – even siblings being raised and educated by the same parents are astoundingly different. This fact is particularly obvious when they learn a subject like Math.

Some children take to a Math book like a duck to water. Just give them a quiet space, answer their questions, and they’re doing great. Others do much better when a new topic is presented for them out loud, like in a classroom setting.

Some simply find math to be tedious and work better when they are allowed to reward themselves with a little break after so many problems.

Some have to work their way carefully through every single problem math problem before they grasp a concept, while others get bogged down by problems that are too easy – they’re happier when they have something they can sink their teeth into.

Younger children sometimes have a hard time working on math in only an abstract way and absorb the material easier when they can “play” their way through the problems and then go back to working on them in a written format.

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