August 11, 2008

Cultivation (#52)

There are certain aspects of education, like initiative, diligence, enthusiasm, humility, self-motivation and a love of learning, that need to be cultivated rather than taught. Keep in mind that cultivating often means simply preserving by not disrupting or losing patience with good things.

Here are some ways to be a good cultivator - to be used in the right season; and within reason, of course:

Foster initiative, even though it can be messy or disruptive.

Model good attitudes and virtues.

Allow small children to help you when they ask – even if they aren’t *very* helpful.

Provide children with opportunities for success - especially if they are struggling with something.

Beware of unreasonable expectations.

Avoid condescending materials and attitudes.

Remember that patience is a key virtue in this regard and, finally, don't forget to ask for God’s grace!

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