December 18, 2008

#54 Go Out and Teach All Nations

As Christians, we are called to do our (albeit generally small) part in going out to teach all nations and Catholic education is very much concerned with preparing children to go out and do just that!

Archbishop Chaput had this to say:

'Go, make disciples of all nations' was the last command Jesus gave to us before returning to His Father. It's a big one. How can simple people like us convert the world? That brings us back to Mary, and to the apostles at Pentecost. They changed the world by letting God change them and work through them. We don't need to be afraid. We need to be confident in the promise made by Christ Himself: 'I am with you always, to the close of the age.'

Don't be afraid of the world. The Holy Spirit is on your side. Charles Spurgeon once said, 'The way you defend the Bible is the same way you defend a lion. You just let it loose.'

Quoted from Living the Catholic Faith: Discovering the Basics by Archbishop Charles Chaput of Denver.

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