June 06, 2009

#59 Dangerous vs. Offensive

Responding to our complex and often problematic culture can be a tough thing for parents! In judging movies, for example, we're often tempted to think that a "clean" movie - one that's free of sex, violence and bad language - is a good movie. Period.

The problem with this is that it's a superficial way of judging something's value. By all means, cleanness can be a good thing, but it's not everything, and we Christians are seriously interested in the "heart of the matter".

I find it helpful to distinguish between "dangerous" and "offensive".

Some things are dangerous AND offensive. These are easy and obvious for us to avoid.

Some things can be offensive, but not dangerous, and will require further discernment to determine whether they're worthwhile.

The most dangerous thing in the end, though, is the thing which is dangerous, but not offensive. It's the sort of thing that can sneak in because we don't even recognize our vulnerability. So don't forget to look below the surface.

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